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Best Seller

Werewolf/ Mature

Previously known as- Alpha Ryan ~ Yours Truly

Emara, 21 years old human girl, who disguises herself as a man to get a job in a Multinational company.

But little she did know ...

1. The boss is smoking hot.

2. He is not human.

3. She is his mate.

But what happens when Alpha thinks his mate is a guy, not girl? And the last screw of his mind slowly slips out...

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New Release

His PsycHOTic Ways

Romantic Comedy / Mature

"Shhh! Do not make a sound.. or I won't refrain myself to tie you up!" His grip on my wrist tightens. 

. . .

Ryan Damison, the bad news of college gets his hands on a personal book filled with erotic fantasies.

How can he let go of this golden opportunity to toy with his Nemesis's sister, whose book is now under his claws and soon she will be too.

Ryan, the breaker of hymens when sets his eyes on Emara, shit goes down, bad and harder. 

Be ready to laugh like crazy and look mental in front of Show more...

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Ongoing 18+

Seven Days

Adult Romance / Mature

"I always wanted a wh0re." He looks at me and smirks maliciously.

. . .

Dakota Black was a man cloaked with charisma and power.

But I made him a monster.

Three years ago, I sent him to jail. Accidentally.

And now he is back to get his revenge from me.

"Seven days." He said. "I spent seven days in that rotten jail. I give you seven days to live with me. Sleep with me. And I'll free you from your sins."

He promised to destroy my life for the sake of a good view if

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🔥Ongoing 18+

Daddy Issues (Banned book)

BDSM / Kinky 

DADDY ISSUES, was banned previously for its Adult Content.

. . .

Emara Stone, who is struggling to complete her college gets a Sugar Daddy to pay off her Student Loan. But little did she know he was a dominator wrapped in sophisticated charm.

Ryan Damison, a busy man and a businessmen, when lay his eyes on sweet innocent Emara. How will he control his wild side, the one he is infamously known for?

The ruthless.

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Love your writing style and stories!! No other author can make me spit my coffee out unexpectedly from reading a funny sentence out of nowhere or put me in a fit of laughter that wakes my daughter up at night!!!


A Fellow Reader

Praise & Reviews

I read over like 50 stories since the pandemic and I have never LAUGHED SO HARD!! The way you write is so refreshing and not at all predictable , and I love it. My non existent Abs got a great workout through your books. I can't wait to check out your other works!

A Fellow Reader

Excellent work.

I love your writing. Keep them coming hun. You have one of my favorite books to read.

'Diann Sharp' 

A Fellow Reader


Almost  Psycho

I am Almost Psycho,

An evil writer who is yet to be a full psycho.

I am infamously known for my wicked humor,

wig snatch plot twists, and kinky smut :P

I will let you know who I am once I am successful. 

Join 'We are Almost Psycho' group 👉
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